Yam-Man Imports was established in 2006. It has since developed into one of the UK's leading importers of quality Caribbean food. Yam-Man is fully registered with offices in London England and Kingston Jamaica. The company imports fresh produce as well as dry and processed foods to supply the demands of an ever increasing UK market. Our range includes over 200 recognised brands of authentic Caribbean food.

Yam-man Imports is more than a distribution company. We have changed the way Caribbean food is presented on distribution within the UK. We care about what our consumers receive, and how they receive it. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for before and after sales. The good relation we have with our customers is crucial to our service; we do more than pay lip service. In order to supply fresh produce on a regular basis, we supply orders from as little as a few boxes to numerous pallets. We guide our suppliers as well as customers through every step of the way, from the land where our products are grown to the shops and end user.

Yam-Man Jamaica in association with our strategic partners is responsible for the process that takes place in developed modern farms located in the Caribbean, with all the highest standard of quality and with the supervision of highly qualified personnel. We carry out a selection process ensuring that only the best of each product is passed through quality control and leads to packaging and shipping. This guarantees that only the best product is imported and delivered.

At Yam-Man Imports we pride ourself in sourcing quality products from the Caribbean and providing an efficient service to our customers based in most of the UK's main cities.

Whilst specialising in fresh exotic fruits and vegetables we can also supply your business with an extensive range of branded ambient products.

You can be assured that Yam-Man works directly with local farmers to agree fair price for quality products which conform to UK requirements that we can supply you the best market prices.

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